Discover Suriname with our GPS Routes

We at Europcar Suriname have done something extra special for you: we developed some great routes for you to travel this magnificent country all by yourself. Not only have the routes been programmed into the GPS, we also created a guide booklet full of information on the destinations. Travel independently, without getting lost.


Day 1: Parbo - Lelydorp (buy some treats on the market) - Santigron (maroon village specialized in woodcarvings) - Colakreek or Vierkinderen (relax and spend the night at a black water creek)

Day 2: Mantamo (traditional pottery) - White Beach (hang around in a hammock and spend the night on the banks of the Suriname River)

Day 3: White Beach (enjoy a little more) - Little Paradise (botanical garden) - Domburg - Parbo




Day 1: Parbo - Fort Nieuw Amsterdam (it could have been New York) - Marienburg (withered plantation with interesting history) - Hotel Restaurant de Plantage (hiking, monkey spotting, relaxing)

Day 2: Moengo (artistic village) - Albina (a seaside resort which lost its glory, now it merely functions as transit hub to French Guyana)

Day 3: St. Laurent (the Little Paris of French Guyana) - Tamanredjo (have some Javanese food at one of the many warungs) - Parbo

fort nieuw amsterdam

Fort Nieuw Amsterdam


Day 1: Parbo - Groningen (enjoy a lovely picnic on the Saramacca River) - Totness (drink some fresh coconut water) - Nieuw Nickerie (marvel at the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean)

Day 2: Bigi Pan (take a trip per boat through this lush nature reserve with its many birds. You can also sleep in a house that stands on poles in the water)

Day 3: Wageningen (a friendly village in the rice district) - Boskamp (little fishing village) - Parbo





Day 1: Parbo - Brownsberg (hike to one of the waterfalls and stay at the reservoir)

Day 2: Brownsberg (hike some more) - Overbridge (relax at this paradise like resort on the Suriname River)                                    

Day 3: Overbridge (some more lazing or go kayaking) - Parbo




Day 1: Parbo - Overbridge (a tropical paradise)

Day 2: Klaaskreek (interesting transmigration village and a beach) - Ston Eiland (spend the night at the banks of the resevoir)    

Day 3: Brownsberg (hike one of the fantastic routes to one of the waterfalls)

Day 4: Bergendal Adventure Center (an active day: hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, zip-lining)

Day 5: Atjoni - korjaal to one of the native villages and stay in a little hut.


Day 6: Back to Parbo, possibly with a stayover at Babunhol to complete the week.


Europcar is not liable for the condition and quality of the tours, accommodation and food places. These are solely suggestions. 

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