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Lease a Europcar! 

Europcar Suriname has been active as a franchise of Europcar International since 2005. As you might know, Europcar International is the leading brand in Europe and one of the main competitors in car rental and leasing around the world. We are striving to become one of the main competitors here in Suriname.

We at Europcar Suriname offer Car rental service as well as leasing. Leasing is possible starting from a period of 18 months. Europcar Suriname supports and therefore offers a range of specific brands.

Currently our fleet consists of Nissan, Hyundai, Kia and Isuzu as our prime brands.

If your company requires or prefers a specific brand, Europcar Suriname is able to provide this also. Our cars are not older than 2 years and don’t exceed a mileage of 65,000.

According to your company’s safety rules and regulations our cars can be provided with all the equipment that’s required.

Europcar Suriname aims to serve their customers in the best possible way, by offering competitive prices and good service.

Moreover, it is our priority to keep customers informed, satisfied and to serve them according standards of Europcar International.

We are open to discuss the possibilities of becoming a supplier of lease vehicles to your company at any time.

Please contact us for a leasing offer.  

Call our reservations team: +597 8154066, +597 8111313,+597 8109332

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